How much does a Going membership cost?

There's a plan for every traveler. Get Going with one of our three memberships.

  • Limited Membership: Free
  • Premium Membership: $49/year
  • Elite Membership: $199/year

Let travel leave it's mark on you, not your bank account. Start your free trial of Premium or Elite.

I forgot to cancel my membership and was charged

All membership payments are non-refundable, per the Terms of Use agreed to upon signup. If your charge was made less than 30 days ago, you will see "View Options" on your Billing Page, which gives you the ability to pause your membership, cancel your next renewal, and request a refund exception. If you need help, or think you've been charged in error, please send us an email at


Are you a travel agency?

No, we're not a travel agency. We find deals departing from your chosen airports and send you an alert when we find a deal that meets our standards. If you decide to snag one of those deals we'll show you how to book it—typically directly with the airline—but we don't actually sell you the ticket ourselves. By leaving the logistics to the pros we can keep our focus solely on finding and sharing the best deals.


Is upgrading really worth it?

Someone's got to spend time finding good deals - why not let us send you the best. Simply put: You do the booking, we'll do the looking.

Our very best economy class deals only go to Premium members including Mistake Fares, peak season deals, domestic deals. We typically save you an average of $500 — the savings from one flight alone gives you a 10x return on your membership. For example, we send Premium members 7 deals per week on average from Atlanta while Limited members only get 2.

Elite members get all that plus more. They're able to control the deals they receive, and they can see every single Mistake Fare we come across, no matter where it departs from in the US, in addition to receiving deals for seats in premium economy, business, and first-class, so they can travel in style. Elite members also have exclusive access to Going with Points - deals hand-picked by our experts to help you utilize your points and miles!

To view a membership comparison chart, visit this page :)


Can't I do this myself? 

You could. Or you could spend that time dreaming up your ultimate itinerary - we're ready when you are.

We are a team of experts that do the searching for you to make sure you don’t miss out on a deal because you weren’t looking at exactly the right moment. Here are a few things we take into consideration before we send a deal to our members:

  • Add-on fees: Many airlines use add-on fees to make their tickets appear cheaper. We only send you deals we deem exceptional after factoring in taxes, bag fees, and any extra add-ons.
  • Layovers: A cheap flight isn't a good deal if you spend your entire vacation at the airport. We will only send you flights with reasonable flight connection times.
  • Airlines: Not all airlines are created equal. We avoid the lower-rated airlines and highlight deals on top-rated airlines so you travel in comfort.
  • Timing: Some of the deals we send, like Mistake Fares, last for only a few hours. We alert you of these deals right away so you can jump on them and purchase your tickets before the deal expires or the prices are fixed by the airline.


Can I book or search by specific travel dates?

You have the ability to filter your active deals on our website by your preferred travel dates.
The filter doesn't affect your deal emails, so you'll still receive email notifications of all the deals we find, based on your departure airports and your membership tier.Additionally, we always mention a time frame during which the deal is active, so be sure to keep an eye on the "Travel Dates" section of your deal.
Once you find a deal that is available during the dates you want, all that's left to do is book and get to the best part. Need a rundown on booking? Let us help you out


Can I book more than one ticket?

Yes, you can bring the whole crew. Each deal has full details including specific How To Book instructions. Just follow those instructions and use the booking link we provide. While selecting your travel dates, you can switch the number of passengers to be more than yourself and book as many tickets as needed as long as there is airline availability. You can also check out our booking guide here.

You can always forward your emails to your friends and family. If you do forward our deal emails, we appreciate you spreading the word. 


Do you find deals departing from Canada?

At this time, we send flight deals departing from airports located in the 50 United States, Puerto Rico, Guam, and St. Thomas. However, if we go global you'll hear it there first!

You can also add your email address to our waitlist if you'd like to get the good news if and when we expand to your home airport in Canada or another international location.


How do I contact Going? Do you have a phone number?

At this time, we offer email support. You can contact us here, or send us an email at!



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