First, a bit of background: Going is not a flight search engine or a travel agency. At this time, we do not book deals for our members or offer one-on-one travel consults. Instead, we find you great deals departing from your preferred US departure airports and send them straight to your inbox.

With the detailed how-to-book instructions we provide, you'll book directly with the airline or via an online travel agency (OTA) and snag the deal price we found! 

Read on to learn more about the entire process of booking a Going deal:

What will Going deals look like in my inbox?

In the email subject line, we make it as easy as possible for you to quickly scan a deal. We'll include the following:

  • The destination (domestic destination, international destination, or sometimes region, such as if it’s a big European sale with lots of cities available)
  • The lowest price or price range; prices are always listed roundtrip
  • If it's nonstop, a price drop, a rare deal, or a Mistake Fare (which means you need to act fast!)
  • Fare class - Economy, Premium Economy, Business Class, First Class

    deal emails in inbox
What information is included in a deal email?

In the body of the email, we clearly list the departure airports you follow, the deal destination(s), the deal price and regular price for reference, the travel date range, and airline(s).

How do I view a deal on the Going website?

To view the full details of a deal, just click View Details in your email alert (the blue button). That will take you to the full deal within your online account. There, you'll see more information (example pictured below). You can also easily log into your account and view all of your active deals at any time.

How do I book a Going deal on Google Flights?

When you're ready to book a deal, listed in the deal online will be the sample booking link which will take you to one of the following sites:

  1. A flight search engine like Google Flights
  2. A major Online Travel Agency (OTA) like Kayak or Priceline
  3. An airline website

The reason we typically provide a sample booking link that directs you to Google Flights is that it's a flight aggregator website and will allow you to quickly see everywhere the deal is available. That way, you can pick the best route with the deal for you.

After you click "Book on Google Flights" on the deal page (blue button), you will be brought to a page like the one pictured below:

This screen is a sample search chosen by our Flight Experts, but you can easily adjust this search to fit your needs, like passengers, dates, and departure airport. 

Some searches may show a departure airport other than your own because our team has to choose one sample search to send (and oftentimes a deal has multiple departure airports), but you can easily view your specific route by clicking here and adding your airport:

To adjust the number of passengers, simply click this icon and add however many people you are booking for (note: adding passengers may change the deal price):

To view all active dates for this deal, you'll want to click the calendar button on the top-right corner:

After you click on that icon, you'll see a full calendar with prices listed each date. The dates in GREEN represent the lowest prices available. For the Norway deal pictured above, the Going deal lists dates are available in November 2023 and January-March 2024. So, from this calendar I can toggle to those months and see what specific departure and arrival dates are available within this range. Not all dates will be available at this price point, but you can play around and see what works for you.

Once you've selected your chosen dates within the deal date range (and listed in green), and clicked "Done", you can select your chosen itinerary. After you've selected your outbound and inbound flight times for your chosen dates, you'll be brought to a page where will see all your booking options listed. 

For example, this Oslo itinerary shows two options: to book with Delta, or book with KLM. You can select whichever option you prefer, at which point you will be routed directly to the airline website to continue booking as usual. 

At times, you may see an OTA (Online Travel Agency) listed as an option to book with. We always recommend booking directly with the airline whenever possible, but OTAs can be a great option for some. You can learn more here.

For even more information on using Google Flights, check out our comprehensive guide here.

Can I share my Going deals with friends and family?

We know you'll want to convince your friends and family members to join you on your next trip!

At this time, your membership can only have one email address attached to it. However, it's relatively simple to set up a forwarding filter to share deal emails with a friend as soon as they hit your inbox. You can find out how to set up a forwarding filter by contacting your email domain's customer support department or doing a quick Google search on your email domain name + forwarding filter.

How do I book a deal on the mobile app?
When you find a deal you want to book on the app, you'll see a button that says Book this Deal. Just tap that button and your native browser will open so you can complete your booking through Google Flights just like you would on the web! For more help with booking our deals, check out our guide on How to Use Google Flights, or this How to Book a Deal help center article.
How do I contact Going? Do you have a phone number?
At this time, we offer email support. You can contact us here (be sure to sign into your account first for prioritized support), or send us an email at!
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