Limited Membership FAQs

Starting January 31, 2024, our Limited membership benefits are changing. To understand more about your Limited membership with Going, check out the FAQs below!


What can I do as a Limited member?

As a Limited member, you will receive ALL economy class domestic flight deals from the continental US. You'll also be able to now follow unlimited departure airports (this will open up even more opportunities to score great deals!). Additionally, all our members have access to our guides and exclusive newsletters.

How do the memberships compare to one another?

Limited (Free) members receive:

  • Domestic economy class deals to destinations in the continuous US
  • Exclusive guides and newsletters

Premium members receive:

  • Domestic economy class deals, including Hawaii and Alaska & US territories (ex. Puerto Rico, USVI)
  • International economy class deals
  • A personalized Destination Watchlist
  • Economy class Points & Miles deals 
  • Mistake Fares in all fare classes, from all U.S. airports
  • Exclusive guides and newsletters

Elite members receive:

  • Domestic deals (including Hawaii and Alaska) in all fare classes (economy + premium economy, business, and first class)
  • International deals in all fare classes (economy + premium economy, business, and first class)
  • A personalized Destination Watchlist
  • Points & Miles deals in all fare classes (economy + premium economy, business, and first class)
  • Mistake Fares in all fare classes, from all U.S. airports
  • Exclusive guides and newsletters
Why are you making these changes?

These membership adjustments were made in order to support the long-term sustainability and quality of our paid Premium & Elite memberships, while continuing to give helpful benefits to our Limited (free) members. Making these adjustments allows our team to ensure the best-quality deals are delivered to all of our members, regardless of their tier!

How can I view all my domestic deals?

You can view all domestic deals from your chosen airports on your deals page. There, you can also filter by airline, price, month, and more!

How is my Limited membership (or upgrading to Premium/Elite) different than doing it myself on Google Flights?

Most people don't have the time to spend hours searching for flight deals, so we do the looking so you can do the booking. Plus, there are quite a few things we take into consideration when sending deals to our members including add-on fees, layovers, airlines, timing.

You can read more about how to get the most from a Going membership here, or check out success stories from real members here!

Will I get deals to Hawaii and Alaska?

Limited members will receive all domestic deals within the continental US, and will not receive deals to Hawaii or Alaska at this time. To receive Hawaii and Alaska deals, you can upgrade to Premium or Elite here.

What is the process for upgrading to Premium or Elite?

You can upgrade to Premium or Elite at any time on your Billing Page. Simply select the tier you wish to join and follow the prompts! If you run into any issues, give our support team a shout here.

If you’ve never redeemed a 14-day free trial, you can do so before officially beginning your year of paid service. If you have already redeemed a free trial of either Premium or Elite in the past, you will immediately be charged and join your chosen paid membership tier.

How often can I expect to receive domestic deals as a Limited member?

The number of deals you’ll receive depends on the departure airports you follow - specifically how many, and which ones. To get an idea of the best (and worst) airports to follow for Domestic Deals, check out our guide here. 

Limited members are now able to follow unlimited airports, and following more departure airports can help you land more deals! You can add more departure airports at anytime here.

How do I book a Limited deal?
I received the Limited announcement email, but I thought I had a paid membership.

You may have accidentally created multiple memberships under different email accounts (this can sometimes happen when using Google SSO as a login method). Take a look at your Billing Page and see what membership status is listed there. If you're listed as Limited, but believe you have a paid Premium or Elite account, try logging out and then logging in with an alternate email address you own.

If you're still running into issues regarding your account status, reach out to our support team here and we'll be able to get this sorted out for you! 

I have more questions or feedback to share.

Our Member Success team is happy to answer any additional questions you may have about your membership benefits, and receive any of your feedback - you can reach out to us here.


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