Understanding Your Credit Card Charge


If you've found this page, you may have seen a charge on your credit card and weren't sure who we were.

This page will provide the needed context, contacts, and general information to assure you that the charge, your membership, and Going.com is a real, valid company that saves you time and money by finding the best-value flights that are relevant to you!

Who is Going.com? What's this charge on my account?

Going is a subscription service that sends members the best flight deals from their chosen airports. We source out deals that fit your criteria, and alert you to the best times to buy. In addition to our flight deals, we also share useful guides, newsletters, and knowledge about all things travel.

We are not travel agents - our members book the flight deals we send directly with the airlines. Our members pay us a yearly subscription fee to gain access to the deals and content we send.

Going does not create accounts or access payment details independently - members must sign up themselves by inputting their email address and desired payment information. We then keep your payment information secure via a third party payment processor, all linked to the email address input during your membership account creation.

If you need assistance regarding your payment, we will need to either match the membership email on file, or we will ask for some non-personally identifying credit card information (last 4 digits of the card charged, expiration, date of charge) to better identify the account in question.

I never signed up for this subscription.

Signing up for a paid membership on our website requires a full 16-digit card number, expiration date and CVV number to be entered through Stripe, our secure payment processor. The only way to have that information is to have access to the card charged. That said, here are some common reasons why members don’t recognize a charge:

  • You might have signed up when we were still known as Scott’s Cheap Flights! While our name has now been changed to Going, we are the same company and can assure you that your membership and its benefits remain the same.
  • You may have signed up for our free 14-day free trial and forgotten to cancel. Once the 14-day free trial has ended, your annual membership fee is charged. We automatically send trial ending reminder emails to all members around the 12th day of their trial. You can also check your account and Billing information anytime on the Billing Page of your membership profile.
  • Someone with access to your card may have signed up for a Going membership. This can sometimes happen when a member of the same household either accidentally autofills the wrong card information, or forgets to let you know they signed up.
Can I get a refund?

Our membership payments are non-refundable, per the Terms of Use agreed to upon signup.

However, if your charge was within the last 30 days, you may be eligible for a refund exception. Most members should have the ability to process this themselves: visit your Billing Page and select “View Options” to see all your cancellation options (including canceling your next renewal or requesting a refund exception)*.

*If your charge was within 30 days but you do not see “View Options” on your Billing Page, please contact our Support team (be sure to login first to receive priority support).

I signed up for a free account. My account says Limited. Why am I being charged?

If you’ve been charged recently but see Limited (free) when you login, there's probably a different account under a different email address associated with your payment method.

If you use another email address, you can try these steps:

  1. Log out of your current account
  2. Log in using your other email address
  3. Check out your Billing Page to see if it shows a paid membership tier

If this solution doesn’t get you logged into your paid membership, our Support team will be happy to troubleshoot with you.

For the security of our members billing information, we can't always give out specific information, but will do our best to identify the account in question. If you’re unsure what email address is linked to your paid account, we will ask you to identify the charge itself by asking for the last 4 digits on the card, the expiration date, and the date the charge was processed.

I already paid for my Going account. Why was I charged again ?

There are a couple reasons that could come into play here:

  • You might have accidentally created multiple accounts with us. The best way to confirm this is to login to your Going.com account with the email in question and contact our team. This ensures you're verified in our system and get priority support.
  • You paid for someone's membership as a gift.
  • You paid for a membership extension during a sale. For example, during our Birthday Sale in August, members could opt to extend their membership by 2 years for the price of just one. If you purchased a deal like this one, you may see your standard annual renewal fee and also your extension fee being charged on your statement. If you’d like more information about these charges, please log into your account and then reach out to our support team.
How can I contact your team if I have additional questions or still need help? Do you have a phone number?

Currently, our team is ready to support you via email 7-days a week, and you can contact us via our Help Center Contact Form. Please make sure you sign in to your account first, so we can verify who you are & get back to you even faster!

What happens if I dispute this charge with my bank?

Disputing your membership fee is not the same as requesting a refund. Disputes are a legal proceeding that typically take between 60-75 days to come to a resolution. During a dispute, our payment processor (Stripe) contacts your bank directly and provides them with documentation, including the Terms of Use agreed to upon signup and more. Our team is legally unable to make any changes to your account during a dispute process, including issuing a refund. If you’d like, you can learn more about the dispute process. Rather than disputing, we encourage members to reach out to us first to help resolve any payment concerns. Our Member Success team is available by email 7 days a week to assist and walk you through all your available options.

I was charged through Apple or Google Play.

Going is unable to access any billing information for memberships purchased through either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. If you upgraded on the mobile app through Apple or Google, all information regarding cancellations, refunds, etc. must be handled directly through these providers. 

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