How do I cancel my 14-day free trial?

Cancel trial on Web Cancel trial on Mobile App

When you sign up for a Going membership, you have the option of starting an Elite or Premium membership with a 14-day free trial period. Don’t want to be charged? Cancel anytime before your 14-day free trial is over.

How to cancel your 14-day free trial:

  1. Click here to log in to your Going account and access your Billing page.
  2. Click the "Cancel Trial" link

Immediately upon cancellation of your free trial, your account will be downgraded to our Limited (Free) plan, and you'll receive economy class domestic deals. Learn more about the Limited membership here.

If you signed up for a trial membership but do not see the "Cancel Trial" link on your Billing Page, you may be accidentally signed into another account. Our support team can help - you can contact us here!

I forgot to cancel my trial membership and was charged

All membership payments are non-refundable, per the Terms of Use agreed to upon signup.

If your membership is managed through Going (you upgraded on the Going website directly), you can open your browser on desktop or mobile and head over to your Billing Page to select "View Options". From there, you'll be able to view all of your cancellation options, including pausing, canceling your next renewal, or requesting a refund exception.

However, if your membership is managed by the Apple App Store or Google Play, Going is unable to access any billing information. All cancellations and refund requests must be handled directly through these providers due to their security restrictions.

Note: As an Elite or Premium member, unsubscribing from emails does not automatically cancel your trial membership. You can read more about unsubscribing here. Additionally, deleting your account is also not the same as canceling your trial. You can read more about deletion here.

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