What are Going Membership Perks?

We are thrilled to introduce Going Membership Perks - an exclusive, carefully curated platform of partner discounts for our members - dedicated to enhancing your traveling experience.

Check out the Perks portal here, or read on for some FAQs below!

What membership tiers can use the perks?

Perks are an exclusive benefit for our paid Premium and Elite members. You can access all currently active perks and promotions on this page!

If you’re a Limited (free) member, you will be able to see what discounts are offered, but will not have access to the discounts themselves. To access these perks as well as the many benefits of a paid Going membership, you can upgrade at any time on your Billing Page.

What perks are offered?

You can check out a full list of our partners and perks on the Perks Portal here. Some of our current partners include Kindred, Outdoorsy, Flighty, Adventure Challenge, All Trails, Travel & Leisure, GoPro and more - and we are adding more exciting partners all the time!

How much can I save?

Each perk value varies - currently the discounts offered range from $5 to $460, with more partners and discounts being added often!

How do I apply a perk discount?

First, make sure you’re logged into your Premium or Elite Going account. Then, visit the Perks Portal here! On that page, you’ll see each partner and perk listed, as well as how to redeem the specific discount.

Some discounts can be redeemed by copying and pasting a unique coupon code (listed on the Perks Portal), while some can be redeemed by clicking a link directly from that page. Simply follow the instructions for your desired discount and you’ll be all set!

I need help applying my perk discount.

To troubleshoot any issues with partner discounts, you’ll need to reach out to the company directly. To do so, visit the Perks Portal here and select the name of the company to visit their website. Then, navigate to their Help Center or Support page and let them know what issue you’re experiencing.

While Going is curating and making these discounts available to our paid members, all sign-up questions must go through the partner company directly. Our team will be unable to troubleshoot any issues involving coupon codes, discounts or transactions with these partner companies.

How do you choose your partners?
Our focus is on partnering with brands and services that resonate with our members' travel aspirations and needs, ensuring that each offer adds tangible value to their travel experiences. By maintaining this high level of curation and exclusivity, we aim to reinforce the trust and loyalty we have established with our members.
How can my favorite company become a Perks partner with Going?
Going has more than 2 million travel-loving members, and we’d love to hear your ideas for Perks partners! Please fill out this form with more details about the company you'd love to see added to our Perks partners.
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