For the majority of the deals we send out, the booking link is usually to a flight search engine like Google Flights.

The reason being is that many of the deals we find are available on multiple airlines, and flight aggregator websites, such as Google Flights, allow members to quickly see everywhere the deal is available. Detailed instructions will be in the How To Book section of the deal email you receive.

Pro Tip ✅  because we want to make sure you're comfortable using Google Flights, we wrote an entire how-to guide.


Why should I be a member if you're just sending me to Google Flights 🤔


Google Flights is just a search engine. It's true, you could use it yourself and spend your time and energy monitoring all the flights on a daily basis to see when a deal pops up. But deals are unpredictable, and the best ones can disappear after just a few hours. 

We're a team of experts who make sure you don't miss out because you weren't looking at exactly the right moment. You might even consider a destination that wasn't previously on your radar.


For more information on booking a Going deal, check out this guide!

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