The best time to book a cheap flight is when you find a cheap flight! Of course, finding the right time to book in advance will help you get Going. 


Most alerts we send out are for travel dates between 2-10 months in advance. We like to say that the Goldilocks Window for when cheap international flights are most likely to pop up is 2-8 months before a trip, and 1-3 months before a trip for cheap domestic flights. 

When you get a deal from us, be sure to check the "Deal Details" section in each email alert for the specific months the lowest fare is available. Also, keep in mind that the lowest ticket price may not be available for every date in a listed month, so the more flexible you can be with your travel dates, the more likely you are to book at the price posted in the alert.


Do your best to act fast, as most of the deals we find only last one or two days, and some disappear within hours. The better the deal is, the faster it will be gone! 

The best way to get a great deal is to be flexible about your destination, your timing, or both! If you need to fly to a specific destination on a specific date, you may end up paying for a more expensive fare, especially if you're booking for travel at the last minute. However, it's still possible to save some money if you need to be in a particular place at a particular time.

Want to learn more? Read our guide on The Best Time to Book a Cheap Flight.


Booking for the holidays


Whether you're booking a trip over a holiday, we can assume a couple of things right off the bat: there will be more people traveling, and the cost of flights will skyrocket. The most expensive holiday times tend to be: Thanksgiving (US), Christmas, and New Year's Eve.


Deals on flights around the holidays pop up from time to time, but we're afraid they’re pretty rare. They're also the first to sell out when they do show up, so if you are hoping to snag a deal for any time between November and January, be prepared to buy as soon as you find a flight that suits you. When we find them, we send them to our Elite and Premium members.


If you're not seeing a peak season or holiday deal to a destination you've been eyeing, there's still hope for paying less! These guides will help:


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What if I can only travel during the summer? Can you help me find a cheap deal?


Yes, we can help! While it can be tough to find cheap flights during the summer months since that is peak travel season for many folks around the world, it’s not impossible to find a deal. If one pops up, we'll send it out to our Elite and Premium members - but it’s not common, either. 


Also, keep in mind that deals during these months are often the first to disappear, so be prepared to buy as soon as you find something that works!


If you have your eye on a particular route, it may help to set up a search of your own. Here's our guide to finding cheap flights between June and August. 

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