Going with Points FAQs

We're so excited to launch our new service Going with Points to our Elite members! You can view the Going with Points landing page here, or read on for more FAQs.


What is Going with Points?

Going with Points is a brand-new service we are excited to share with our Elite members. With Going with Points, members can now receive points-specific flight deal alerts that our team sources and packages with step-by-step directions for booking the flight and saving you thousands of dollars!


What membership tier receives Going with Points deals?

Going with Points deals are an exclusive feature of our Elite membership tier. If you'd like to start receiving these deals, you can upgrade to Elite at any time. If you're a Premium member and you choose to upgrade, any unused time on your Premium membership will be applied as a monetary credit to your upgrade.



How many Points deals can I expect to receive?

The number of Going with Points deals you'll receive depends on your departure airports and award availability - but in general, you can expect to receive 1-4 Points deals each week. 

For this reason, we recommend adding a couple of high-volume cities to your membership, as it’s highly likely that a cheap flight from a major hub will save you enough money to cover the cost of a connecting flight and then some (vs. flying direct). To give you a better idea of different airport options, check out this article on the Best and Worst US Airports for Cheap Flights.


Can I search for Going with Points deals on the website?

At this time, Points deals are email-only and are not hosted on the Going website. All of the booking details will be included in the email you receive and you can follow the booking links directly from that email. 



Can I filter Points deals by credit card or airline?

At this time, Points deals cannot be filtered by specific airline or credit card. However, we'll include additional information about transferring points in the emails as well as in our Going with Points newsletters!


Booking a Going with Points Deal



How do I book a Going with Points deal?

Check out our comprehensive guide on How to Book a Going with Points deal here! Because Points deal details will vary significantly, specific booking instructions are included in the body of each Going with Points deal email you receive. Simply scroll down to the "How to Book" section of your Points email.



Can I book with both cash and points?

Generally there’s not a correlation between the regular cash price of a ticket and the points deal we’ll be sharing. 

That said, some airlines will allow you to adjust the number of points you use to book an award ticket, or use more points to cover the taxes and fees. We’ll only quote the default number of points necessary to book a ticket, though in general, adjusting the number of points needed to book isn’t the best value.



Can I take advantage of one of these deals with different credit card or points than the one listed in the email?

Frequently, yes! We’re quoting the prices we consider to be the best and most accessible to the widest range of members, but there will often be other alliance partners you could alternatively book with. In general we’ll highlight the 2-4 best avenues for booking a deal, but savvy members can likely find many different ways to take advantage of the deals. 



Can I book for more than one person?

Yes! We will only send deals that have a minimum of 2 seats per departure date, though we’ll indicate in the e-mail if there are 4+ seats available on most dates. Keep in mind that the better the deal, the more likely it is to sell out - so if you see a deal you want to book for multiple travelers, you'll want to move quickly!



How can I learn more about points and miles?

Make sure you're subscribed to our new Going with Points newsletter launching later this month! This newsletter will come straight from our Flight Experts, who will teach you how to get started with points and score the best deals available. Follow along and you'll be a points expert in no time! 

Still have questions? Feel free to reach out to our Support team by clicking here, or by emailing support@going.com -- we'll be happy to help!

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