Why am I not receiving deal emails?

Your email provider may be blocking our deal emails

Our deal emails are often blocked by Outlook, Hotmail, MSN, and Live email servers. This also includes smaller or private domains hosted on these servers. Our team is working directly with these email providers to resolve this, but unfortunately, it's often still an issue with those email servers allowing our emails to be delivered. 

While we hope these servers will act quickly to rectify this, if you have a different email address that you can use, switching your membership email could help in the meantime.

Your email provider has marked our emails as spam

A quick way to ensure our emails land in your main inbox is to "safelist" our email addresses - essentially, to add Going to your email's address book or contact list. You can find instructions for safelisting on this page.

You’ve accidentally signed up with a different email addresses

If you don't see deals from us, then you may have signed up with an email address other than your primary email. Double-check the inboxes for all your other emails. Your deals may be going somewhere else!

On the flip side - if you accidentally created two memberships and you're receiving double emails, send us a note here. We'll help you consolidate!

Your deals are going to a folder other than your main inbox

To see if this is the case, try these steps:

  • For Gmail users

    Try searching your Gmail inbox for in:anywhere hello@deals.going.comThis will search every folder, including the trash bin. Once you find your emails, you can drag one of them into your "Primary" inbox.

  • For other email service providers

    If you use Yahoo, AOL, or another email service, try searching for hello@deals.going.com in your Spam/Junk or trash folders. Additionally, add hello@deals.going.com to your Contacts.

You’ve accidentally unsubscribed or marked our emails as spam

If you mark any of the emails you receive from us as spam, our system automatically unsubscribes and blocks you from receiving any of our deals. If you think this may have happened to you, please let us know by reaching out to us via this form, or by sending an email to support@going.com. We're happy to help!

You've been bounced from our mailing list

This happens most often to email addresses with lots of numbers in them, including the word “spam,” or are hosted on a less-common domain. If any of these things are true of the email address you signed up with, then consider having your Going deals sent to a different email address.

If you think you have been bounced from our list, please give us a shout! We'll get it figured out for you.

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