What payment methods are accepted?

You can use a US credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express) or Google Pay to sign up for a Premium or Elite Going membership. At the moment, Going does not support Apple Pay.


How to change your credit card payment method

Follow these steps if you'd like to change the US credit card you use for your Elite or Premium membership:

  1. Update your credit card on file with us by clicking here to access your Billing page.
  2. Next to your current payment method, click the "Change payment method" link.
  3. Enter your credit card number, card expiration date, and CVC code into the input fields.
  4. Confirm and save.

Once your new payment information has been added, that new method will be used to process your next annual renewal. 

Google Pay


You can use Google Pay to sign up for a paid membership. When prompted during sign-up, just select your preferred payment method.


  • Note: Using Google Pay generates a virtual credit card for all customers who use it to pay online. This virtual card is generated by Google and is an additional layer of security so merchants cannot view your real card details.

  • Update your Google Pay: to update your payment method, sign in to your Google account and update the payment method within your Google Pay account.
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