Who is Going and what happened to Scott's Cheap Flights?

Going, formerly known as Scott's Cheap Flights, has not been bought out. We have been, and continue to be, 100% self-owned and operated. 

A few years ago, we began working to create a modern travel brand that represents our members, company culture, and our ambition to always be on the traveler’s side–helping millions of people travel and experience the world. In 2023, we announced to the world our new name: Going!

We know you may be wondering: what about my existing SCF membership? Not to worry - existing memberships and benefits will remain unchanged and you don't need to sign up again! You can simply log into Going using the email address linked to your SCF account. 

Here's the story behind how we developed our new brand…

When Scott (founder) and Brian (CEO) decided on the name “Scott’s Cheap Flights,” they didn’t know that this email newsletter reaching a few thousand inboxes would grow to reach over 2 million members daily, with over 60 employees.

They worked quickly to snag the original URL and focused on getting to work helping people score incredible flight deals–leaving worrying about the company name until later if they were successful enough for this concern to matter. The SCF name and brand helped us grow more than we imagined, but at a 2021 company gathering in Cabo, Mexico we all agreed that the time had come: Scott’s Cheap Flights needed to evolve better to reflect our culture, mission, and members.

Naming a company is hard. Renaming a brand that employees and members love felt incredibly daunting. We reviewed over three thousand names and put the top contenders through a rigorous trademark review, linguistics tests, and company-wide debates (spicy company debates 😆). The naming decision wasn’t an entirely democratic process; but we made sure all employees were heard.

Our new name needed to…

  • Speak to Travel - We are a company of travel-obsessed people with the goal of helping our members experience the world. Our new name needed to speak to this, but not in an overt way. For example, we had a requirement that words like “Travel” and “Flights” were not under consideration. This constraint helped us to develop some creative options. We believe that our new name, "Going" embodies travel.

  • Be Timeless and Borderless - It was essential for us to have a name that avoids short-term trends and can grow with us into the future. The name we're obsessed with and love today as a U.S.-based travel company is also a name that follows us around the world.

  • Be Memorable - One of our biggest challenges with our former name was that people couldn’t remember the brand when learning about us for the first time. Our new name, Going, is much easier to remember, and nods to what we do.

Our name and logo have changed, and our website and social channels are fresh 🤘 but at our core, we still strive to help our members travel and experience the world.

✅ For even more details on why we rebranded, and our rebrand FAQs, take a peek at our Rebrand Homepage.

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