Do you offer discounts to certain groups?

Yes! To show our appreciation, Going offers 25% off Premium to members of the following groups:

  • Military 
  • Veterans
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Teachers
  • Students*

*Pro-tip for students: also check out our Going Abroad Scholarship details here!

Here's how it works...

First, visit our Special Discounts page and then follow the steps below:

Do I qualify for this discount?

Please check the following pages to confirm your eligibility under the following groups: 

First Responder
Medical Provider


Can I use this discount for Elite?

At this time, the discount only applies to Premium memberships.


How can I apply this discount on the mobile app?

At this time, the discount can only be applied to accounts managed by Subscriptions purchased through Google Play or the Apple App Store via the mobile app are unable to have any promotion or discount applied.

What happens when my subscription is up?

If you verified as Military, or a Veteran, good news! Your subscription will auto-renew at the discounted rate of 25% off Premium indefinitely. If you verified as a Student, Teacher, or Healthcare worker, you may need to reverify at the end of your subscription in order to continue receiving 25% off Premium.


Can I use this discount with other promotions?

No, this discount can’t be used in combination with any of our other promotions.


What if I already have a discounted membership rate?

This discount is only valid for full MSRP ($49/year) Premium memberships and cannot be combined with any other promotion or legacy rate.

How do I receive this discount?

Please follow the instructions listed on this page to receive your exclusive discount.

How do I know my verification worked?

Your special discounted rate will confirm that your verification was successful! You can confirm your renewal rate here on your Billing Page

What should I do if I can't verify my status?

For all support and questions regarding verification, please visit's Help Center here. You can also email directly for assistance. Please note that Going's support team is unable to provide any assistance regarding the verification process.

Can I get this discount if I'm not eligible under one of the groups listed?

At this time, the Premium discount only applies to members in the groups listed on this page

I recently purchased Going, but I didn't get a discount. Can you refund the discounted amount?

We are unable to provide refunds on prior purchases of Going Premium. However, you can still verify with to receive 25% off your next renewal by following the steps above! If you have any concerns about this, please contact Going support - we'll be happy to help.

Offer valid for new and existing customers who are verified medical providers, hospital workers, nurses, students, teachers, and active-duty military & Veterans with an auto-renewing subscription purchase made through Save 25% off Premium only. Offer not valid for Elite. Offer may not be combined with any other promotion. Offer not available for subscriptions made through Apple or Google. Going has the right to end or modify any offer at any time. Additional restrictions may apply, see our Terms & Conditions for more details.

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