Going for Teams - Employee FAQs

Congrats on receiving the perk of Going - we're so happy to have you on board. Scroll down to learn more about your new membership!


How do I redeem my Going membership?

  1. You will receive an email invite to Going.com that contains a unique link that you must click to redeem. (If you did not receive an email, please reach out to your HR or benefits administrator)

  2. Click the link to redeem and you will then be prompted to create an account on Going.comWe recommend that you 1) sign up using your personal email address (as this is the email address we will send deal alerts to) and 2) sign up using an email/password combination (rather than by using Google single-sign-on). 

    Should you choose to use Google single-sign-on to sign up, just know that if you need to change your email in the future you will need to reach out to our support team for assistance :)

  3. You will be asked a series of questions to complete the setup of your account.

  4. Now, you're all set! You will see a screen that states your perk has been redeemed - so sit back and get ready for the best flight deals to find you. 

I lost my unique link, where can I find that?

Please reach out to your HR or benefits administrator and they can resend you your invite email.

What if I already have a paid membership with Going (Premium or Elite)?

Going For Teams is non-transferable. If you have a current Going.com membership (Premium or Elite), clicking your “unique link” will bring you to a page confirming your current membership status. If you would still like to utilize the perk, we would recommend signing up using an alternate email address and then clicking the unique link once logged into that new account. 

Alternately, you can cancel your current membership (instructions here), in which case you will be able to utilize the perk as soon as your current paid time expires and you've been downgraded to a Limited (free) account.

If my employer gives me a Going membership, can I get a refund on the membership I purchased?

We will be happy to provide a refund only if your existing membership payment was made within the last 30 days. Please reach out to our Member Success Team at support@going.com from your existing account's email address and they'll be glad to help you out.

What if I already have a Limited (free) membership with Going?

You will just need to redeem your perk by clicking the “Redeem Membership” link within your email. Once the link is accepted, you will be able to login to your current Going.com membership and the perk will be automatically applied.

How do I know if I should redeem an Elite or Premium membership?

Within your email invite from Going.com, you will be informed which membership tier you have been gifted (Premium or Elite). If you have lost your email, please reach out to your HR or benefits administrator.

Can I continue with a Going membership if I leave the company?

Yes! You can upgrade back to a Premium or Elite membership at anytime on your Billing Page.

How can I change my account address from my work email to my personal email?

This process will vary depending on whether you signed up by linking your Google account (Google single-sign-on) or by using your email address and creating a password.

If you signed up using your email address and an account password:

  1. Log into your account
  2. Click on the 'Edit' link next to your current email address under 'Login and Security' on the Account Settings page
  3. Enter your new email address and current password
  4. Select 'Save Changes'

If you signed up using your Google or Apple account (single-sign-on), or with Apple, please contact the Member Success Team at support@going.com for help with changing your login.


If I was gifted Premium, can I pay the difference to upgrade to Elite?


At this time, Premium GFT memberships cannot be upgraded. If you would like to join Elite, you can sign up for an account with an alternate email address.

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