What happens if I dispute my Going membership payment?

As soon as a payment is disputed, your paid membership is immediately canceled, downgraded to a Limited (Free) membership, and your funds are frozen while our payment processor and your bank settle the dispute. 

Generally, it takes 60-75 days for your bank to reach a final decision. During that time, we aren’t able to perform any action on your account while the dispute is being handled by your bank. 

During the dispute, our payment processor will contact your bank directly to provide them with dispute documentation. Documentation includes which paid membership tier you selected, any previous membership payments, your Going website usage, your email opening behavior, and any communications with our Member Success team. We will also provide your bank with our Terms of Use which was agreed to upon sign-up.

If you have questions about if/when you can expect to receive your disputed funds, your bank or credit card company is your best resource.

However, if the dispute outcome is resolved in Going's favor, then your paid membership will be automatically reinstated, and you'll receive the remaining deals and benefits you paid for until your membership expires. Not to worry, your account will not renew or be charged again.

The impact disputes have on Going

Going is a bootstrapped company. We are funded by memberships and we don’t take kickbacks from airlines. Therefore, we make decisions solely for the benefit of our members and provide you with amazing travel deals. Disputes always negatively impact merchants, especially for a company like ours.

For each lost dispute, we lose your membership revenue and pay a hefty transaction fee to our payment processor. If too many disputes are filed against us, we risk our payment processor terminating our merchant account. Termination puts our ability to operate as a business in serious jeopardy.

What to do instead of disputing

We want to continue our mission of helping our members rethink travel. Before contacting your bank, please reach out to our Member Success team at support@going.com and they'll be happy to walk you through your available options.

What to do if you have accidentally disputed 

  1. If you accidentally disputed your payment, you can reach out to your bank to cancel the dispute and to receive documentation of the cancellation. 

  2. Then reach out to our Member Success team at support@going.com to tell us of the dispute cancellation and provide us with the cancellation documentation. 

  3. We'll take care of you from there. 

Disputing subscriptions purchased on the mobile app

If your membership is managed by the Apple App Store or Google Play, Going is unable to access any billing information - all refund requests must be handled directly through these providers due to their security restrictions.

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