There's a plan for every traveler. Get Going with one of our three memberships:

  • Limited Membership: Free
  • Annual Premium Membership: $49/yr
  • Annual Elite Membership: $199/yr

Limited Membership

Limited members receive economy class domestic deals to destinations across the continuous US.

Premium Membership

Take your travel to new heights with an annual Premium membership. Premium members receive domestic & international economy class deals - including deals to rare destinations, peak season tickets, and access to all Mistake Fares from all US airports. Premium members can also access their personalized Watchlist to receive destination-specific deals, and receive new Going with Points deals in economy class, too!

Elite Membership

Travel in style with an annual Elite membership. Elite members get all the perks Premium members do, plus deals in premium economy, business class, and first-class.

Start your Elite or Premium membership with a 14-day trial

Let travel leave its mark on you, not your bank account. Start your free trial of Premium or Elite. Don’t want to be charged? Cancel anytime before your 14-day trial is over. 

Download our mobile app Are you ready for a world of unexpected travel opportunities at your fingertips? Download the brand-new mobile app from Going - available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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